Recapping “The Last Dance” Episodes 7 & 8: TBH I Don’t Think MJ is An Asshole

Off the bat, I missed the first 30 minutes (damn Read Dead). I missed the story about Michael’s father but I’ve seen the 30 for 30, and Jordan starting his baseball career but I’ll rewatch later. 

As for the end of Episode 7, I don’t think Michael was an asshole when it came to pushing his teammates. Jordan seems like the guy who will push you as far as you can go on the court but if something happens and you need a friend, he’d be there. 

The best coaches are the ones who were hardest on you. In hockey terms, he’s like a Joel Quenneville. Quenneville was a hard ass. He pushed the Blackhawks, screamed at ’em, but behind the scenes, he did his best to step up for the players when he was needed. THAT is the best kind of coach. If he didn’t push his teammates, I’d be more concerned. Watch this:

Imma watch that on repeat.

I also missed most of the talk about his return from baseball but good on him for not crossing that picket line and going to see BJ. Now, after one Bakers Square meeting, we got MJ back. I do think that without that strike, MJ might not have come back and if he did, it would be later.

Michael getting players to come to where he was filming Space Jam to play games and help his comeback, is insane. Especially how they built him his own dome – “Micheal Dome”- so he could come back. It shows how much this league loved Michael.

Also if you don’t like Space Jam, GTFO, one of the best movies ever.

The remaining scenes in Episode 8, as MJ comes back, you see his whole world shift. He has to relearn the game, his mind doesn’t but hit body does. The fall of the ’95 season was essential to the rise of the Bulls in the late ’90’s.

I hated how they followed MJ into the locker room when he broke down crying. Like, let the man grieve in peace, you don’t need to capture his pain.

I can’t believe that next week is the last week. We have just two more episodes before it’s all over. What the fuck are we gonna do then??

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