Adios Leipsic: Capitals Drop Brendan Leipsic

Not gonna lie, I Grinch smiled at this one when I woke up. 

If you’ve been living under a rock for the past few days, then you might have missed me gearing up for war after screenshots were leaked from a group chat that included Brendan Leipsic and his brother Jeremy. The comments made about women in the group chat were disgusting and offensive. Jeremy was kicked off Univ. of Manitoba’s hockey team yesterday.

Now today, we see Brendan Leipsic has been put on waivers for contract termination. Have fun heading to the KHL because no NHL team is going to pick ya up. 

Some people are mad because this was in a private conversation that was leaked and freedom of speech blah blah blah. (Freedom of speech is about the government not locking you up for speaking ain’t them jfc)

Well regardless, he’s a shitty fucking person, even if he was caught or not. You think any teammate is going to trust him? He talked shit about his own linemates and his ex-teammate’s wife. The guy is a locker room problem.

On top of that, as I said when this happened, if that behavior goes unpunished than this vicious cycle continues where people think this kind of misogyny is “normal” and it never stops.

I don’t care if “most hockey players talk like that”, it’s still a fucking problem. This has nothing to do with “be careful who you’re in a group chat with”, it’s about being a good human being. Teach your kids to be nice to people instead of assholes behind their backs. Teach them that words actually hurt people. Stop allowing your snot-nosed little spawn to call girls, that aren’t a size-zero or blonde, a pig or gross, they’re not.

It’s time people actually grew the fuck up and cared about other human beings. Just be nice, people, and remember if you’re not, I’m coming for your kneecaps.

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