Shows to Watch This Quarantine: Hannibal

Now that everyone has hours to spare and it seems like the world is not going back to normal any time soon, I’m going to be recommending some shows (and maybe movies) for you to watch this quarantine.

First of all: Hannibal (2013-2015).

This show takes a modern-day twist to the classic tale of the notorious cannibal Hannibal Lector. The main plot follows the dynamic, manipulative, and (honestly) slightly affectionate relationship between Hannibal Lector, a well-liked charismatic psychiatrist, and Will Graham, an FBI detective who leans on the slightly self-destructive side. Graham solves crimes by putting himself in the shoes of the murderer, visualizing the murders and empathizing with the killer to figure out their motives. When those tactics have begun to rake a toll on Graham’s mental state, Lector swoops in the “save” his dear Will but behind the scenes, he’s throwing the FBI off his own tail.

From there, the story just goes full brakes and no gas. There is murder, betrayal, and absolute mindfucks left and right.

Mads Mikkelsen plays a creepy but lovable Hannibal, he’ll make your skin crawl but for some reason he’s so damn charming, you’ll root for him every time.

There are only 3 seasons and 13 episodes a season. It’s a cinematic beauty, there is deep symbolism and thrilling plots. I’m about to rewatch the show for the 3rd time. The show ended 5 years ago but it’s timeless and I ensure that people who are into thrillers and crime shows will love Hannibal. You can watch each episode on Amazon Prime Video and let me know when you get to the last episode in Season 2.

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