Looks Like I’m Coming Out Of Retirement to Throw Hands With This Pig

I usually don’t follow Hockey Twitter Drama but today, I’m ready to come out of my fighting retirement to throw hands with Brandan Leipsic for his comments that we’ve seen exposed today.

If you missed out, some screenshots of a group chat including Brendan Leipsic of the Washington Capitals and some other men, one of which I’m assuming is his brother, were exposed on Instagram. In said screenshots, Leipsic makes disgusting comments about women’s bodies, his own linemates, and even his ex-teammate’s wife. The women’s names and photos are blocked out for their protection but every word said by this asshole is disgusting.

This is a thread of the screenshots because the original IG account was taken down:

Fuck these guys. I’m sick of this shit where these men think they have the right to talk shit about women for being themselves, for literally existing for going out. None of the blame goes to these women for simply existing. All of this falls on the self-conscious little worm who sent these messages. I’ve spent most of my life having to worry about what other people think of me and I’ve finally hit a point (at 20 years old) where I’m starting to not give a fuck. These comments stick with women forever and we blame ourselves. It takes a lot to finally realize that the problem is the vermin who said it, not us for simply existing. 

The Capitals are aware of the comments made.

Even if he gets some sort of “discipline”, that doesn’t matter. This is more than a fine or suspension because it has nothing to do with hockey. This isn’t a “mistake”, he did it multiple times with the intent to be hurtful. This is about what a shitty person he is and he could learn from this but I don’t think he will.

The comments he makes about people’s wives and girlfriends, even just other women who had nothing to do with any NHL player, is absolutely despicable. I don’t care about talking about sex with a girl, friends do that, but when it comes to degrading women for their looks it is absolutely wrong and makes me so angry.

If you’re in the NHL, please kick his ass for me, thank you. I will pay bail if you do it off the ice. It doesn’t take much to be a nice fucking person. Harry Styles has a literal song about it, maybe give it a listen. I’m going for a car ride because I’m so annoyed but everyone just be nice to one another today. If not, I’m coming for your fucking knee caps.

UPDATE: Here’s his statement. (Learn how to crop an image)

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