One Year Ago Today: The Blues Beat The Stars, Pushed Up To Game 7, and I Lost My Mind

I’m a Dallas Stars fan, no question there, and one year ago today, the Blues beat the Stars to force a Game 7 in Round 2 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs and I think blacked out in rage. I’m not even putting the Snapchats I have in my memories because there are too many swears and cursing people’s mothers. I’m from Chicago and I have been disposition since birth to be a rival to St. Louis. So my other favorite hockey team losing to my arch-nemesis sent me over the edge.

Here was the main cause of my rage (besides the loss):

This fuckin’ goal. I still standby how bullshit it is that it stood.

Add in what a literal mess the Stars’ offense productivity is (and still is) and I was in a sour mood for 2 days. The Stars would go on to lose Game 7 in double overtime and those memories still haunt me but this game was a huge cause of my rage, especially after the Blues won because we were one measly goal away from going further. Either way, there’s no hockey and now I’m upset about the Stars. Happy Cinco de Mayo bros.

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