Recapping “The Last Dance” Episodes 5 & 6: Roast Jerry Krause At Every Opportunity

First and foremost, this guy needs his own documentary. His name is John Michael Wozniak and he passed away in January. He looks like Beethoven’s long lost great-grandson with a southern accent, who beat Micheal Jordan at throwing quarters. Not to mention that he was strapped.

That seems like an essential move considering he’s maybe 6’0″ and has to protect a 6’6″ Michael Jordan.

As for the rest of the episodes, you cannot pay me enough money to deal with the levels of fame that Michael Jordan had. Even watching the videos of him going through his day and being surrounded by a herd of people. Big old fuckin’ no.

People got so out of shape about gambling but so what? He wasn’t betting on his own games, it was golf. After he lost quarters to his security guard, you can see he was pissed. That’s just how competitive he is. Honestly, just let the man live. I couldn’t imagine what that situation would be like with the atmosphere and mob mentality of social media.

It’s funny how Michael and Pippen just despised anyone Jerry Krause remotely liked. I mean I see the reason, if a guy that’s screwed up the team chemistry and pisses you off is absolutely in love with this guy and treating him better than you, it makes sense. Plus, I love the team just toasting Jerry Krause every chance he gets. 

The highlights from all of the games were just out of this world. Every single shot and dunk is astonishing. We got some more coming next Sunday AND more controversy. Here’s a look:

Come back next Sunday where I’ll recap my thoughts on Episodes 7 & 8.

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