Tulia, My Neighbor’s Dog, Gives Her Thoughts On The Boston Pride Signing

My neighbor’s Golden Retriever, Tulia, comes to visit often. She just appears at the back door some days and looks for some belly rubs and a treat. The other day she came over during the NWHL draft and I said I was going to interview her on the recent draft picks.

Well, I didn’t see Tulia until yesterday and I finally get to interview her. Here is how it went:

Tulia is an expert in cheese and rolling in the mud but she watch some of the NWHL Draft with me so I thought I would ask for her take. She is an absolute sweet heart and got her treat in the end.

I am excited for Sammy Davis to join the Boston Pride. She will just add to this offensive power house that the Pride have. They have a number of players that staonish and cut through the offense but adding Davis will only help them. And Tulia agrees!

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Featured Image: Shortman Hams

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