NWHL Draft Day 2: Round 3-5 and My Thoughts

Miss Day 1? Read about it here.

Today we had the final 3 rounds of the NWHL Draft. I wrote a little earlier about the players I thought each team was going to draft, focusing on position more than names and stats. So in the remaining rounds, we were able to see how it panned out. Here is every player selected in the final rounds and how they did last season.

Round 3

At 13th Overall, the Connecticut Whale selected Savannah Rennie, forward from Syracuse University. Rennie played 4 seasons at Syracuse and in her senior season, she played in 34 games with 8 goals and 15 assists for 23 points.

With the 14th Overall pick, the Buffalo Beauts pick Autumn MacDougall a forward from the University of Alberta. MacDougall has been with the University of Alberta for 5 seasons but in her final season she put up 31 points (17G 14A) in 28 games.

15th Overall, Toronto has selected Erin Locke, a forward from York University. Locke has spent 5 seasons at York and in her senior season, she had 9 points (3G 6A) in 24 games.

At 16th Overall the Metropolitan Riveters have selected Tera Hofmann, a goaltender from Yale University. Hofmann played 4 seasons with York and in her senior season, she played 12 games with a 2.29 GAA and a .891 save percentage.

The Minnesota Whitecaps picked Presley Norby, a forward from the University of Wisconsin at 17th Overall. Norby played 4 seasons at Univ. of Wisconsin and put up 21 points (10G 11A) in the 36 games she played in her final season.

With the 18th Overall pick, the Boston Pride selected Taylor Wenczkowski, a forward from the University of New Hampshire. With 5 seasons at Univ. of New Hampshire, Wenczkowski put up 21 points (7G 14A) during her senior season in 37 games.

Round 4

At 19th Overall, the Connecticut Whale have selected Amanda Conway, a forward from Norwich University. In her final season with Norwich, Conway put up 59 points (32G 27A) in 29 games.

The Buffalo Beauts have selected Kelly O’Sullivan, a defenseman from Adrian College at 20th Overall. O’Sullivan played 4 seasons at Adrian and put up 26 points (4G 22A) in the 28 games of her final season.

With the 21st overall pick, the Riveters have started Bridgette Prentiss, a forward from Franklin Pierce University. Prentiss played in 31 games her last season at Franklin Pierce University and put up 45 points (19G 26A)!

At 22nd Overall, Toronto has selected Natalie Marcuzzi, a forward from Robert Morris University. Marcuzzi played in 36 games her senior season while putting up 15 points (7G 8A).

With the 23rd Overall Pick, the Minnesota Whitecaps have picked Haley Mack, a forward from Bemidji State University. In her final season, Mack put up 28 points (15G 13A) in 37 games.

With the final pick of the 4th round, the Boston Pride have selected Taylor Turnquist, a defenseman from Clarkson University. In her final season with Clarkson, Turnquist played 37 games with12 points (3G 9A) and a +5 rating.

Round 5

With the 25th overall pick, the Connecticut Whale drafted Nicole Guagliardo, a forward from Adrian College. In her first and final season with Adrian, she put up 16 goals and 17 assists for 33 points in 28 games.

At 26th Overall, the Buffalo Beauts have drafted Logan Land, a defender from RIT. In her final season with RIT, Land put up 16 points (4G 12A) in 35 games with a -2 rating.

The Connecticut Whale have drafted Maddie Bishop, a forward from Sacred Heart University. In her final season with SHU, she scored 11 goals with 19 assists (30 points) in 32 games played.

With the 28th overall pick, the Minnesota Whitecaps drafted defender Maddie Rowe from the University of Wisconsin. In her final season with UoW, Rowe played in 36 games with a +15 rating and 5 points (2G 3A).

At 29th Overall, the Boston Pride have selected Maghara McManus, a forward from the University of New Hampshire. In her final season with Univ. of New Hampshire, McManus put up 27 points (17G 10A) in 36 games.

With the final pick of the 2020 NWHL Draft, the Boston Pride selected Paige Capistran, a defender from Northeastern University. Capistran played in 38 games this season with 11 assists and a +32 rating.

Shortman’s Take

My first take will be my biggest complaint. Next season, please please please, stream the draft on Twitch. Using Twitter was a little difficult with the refreshing so next season cut the middle man and have a Twitch Stream that has all of the front offices together either via Zoom or in-person and announce the draft like that. Plus we’ll be able to get an in-depth look at the draftees.

Here is how tonight breaks down: Tonight there were 12 forwards, 5 defenders, and 1 goalie drafted. The Boston Pride got 2 forwards and 2 defenders. The Minnesota Whitecaps picked 2 forwards and a defenseman. The Connecticut Whale drafted 4 forwards. The Buffalo Beauts selected 1 forward and 2 defensemen. The Metropolitan Riveters picked goalie and a forward. And lastly, Toronto picked 2 forwards.

I think the Connecticut Whale made a steal by getting Amanda Conway. She is a productive and promising, that is exactly what this team needs. She is going to be fantastic for this club and definitely help them get some pucks in the back of their opponents net.

I also like Maddie Rowe, a forward/defender, for the Whitecaps. I’m a Whitecaps fan (midwesterners represent) and I’m delighted that we’re going to have her on board.

Lastly, I wanted to point out Bridgette Prentiss. She is going to be electric next to the likes of Madison Packer. She was a blazing last season so if she joins their team in the fall, the Riveters are going to be a threat to keep an eye on.

Those are just 3 players from today that I think are going to be promising in the coming seasons. Now the chance of any players being a part of next season is conditional to if they sign with the team so I’ll be sure to keep my ears open in the coming days but this draft was loaded with talent from all over the map and I hope we see these players in action. Boston seems to be getting all of their draft picks, according to Marisa Ingemi, but we’ll have to wait and see about other teams.

The draft was a nice escape from everything else the past few days so thank you NWHL. If you’d like to keep up on more NWHL takes feel free to follow our social media and come yell about hockey with me.

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