Boston Pride Re-Sign Kaleigh Fratkin

The Boston Pride has made another massive re-signing this morning. The team is bringing back productive defenseman Kaleigh Fratkin for her 6th NWHL Season.

Fratkin made a lasting impression this season when she wracked in 23 points (3G 20A) in 24 games! The Pride would not have gone 23-1-0 this season without her. I think bringing her back for another season is essential, there is no else you can slide in here, outside some players in the PWHPA, that would work as well as she does. She’s been with Boston for 6 seasons, she’s seen the changes along the way, used that to amplify her game, and just keep getting better.

Having Kaleigh Fratkin is one good way to guarantee success for a long time coming. The Pride do have the Isobel Cup Final game against the Minnesota Whitecaps before we can close the 2019-2020 season. I’ll bet my money that Fratkin has her hand in the scoring for that game. 

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Featured Image: Michelle Jay, provided courtesy of NWHL

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