Chicago’s Best Duo Besides MJ and Pippen is a NO BRAINER

Is it seriously up for debate? If you say anyone besides Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews, you’re an idiot. Kane and Toews have been such a dynamic duo since their first days in Chicago and have found amazing success along the way. They’ve brought Chicago 3 Stanley Cups, years of success and winning, in this post-Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen era.

There is no other answer. Kane and Toews have a combined 734 goals, 1,103 assists, and 1,837 points across 13 NHL seasons.

The hardware between them goes further than 3 Cups. Toews has won: the 2010 Conn Smythe, the 2015 Messier, and 2013 Selke. Kane, on the other hand, has also won a Conn Smythe but in 2013, the 2016 Hart, 2016 Pearson, 2016 Art Ross, and 2008 Calder. 

In their time together, they have brought hockey back to the city of Chicago.

I desperately miss them lighting it up on the ice together. Quarantine has been rough but at least NBC has been replaying all of these iconic Hawks Stanley Cup games so we can remember all the great things they have won for this city. They have seriously given us something to believe in, even in bad times. I’d follow Jonathan Toews into war. 

If I were able to see my little “nephew” right now, I’d watch all of these games with him and teach him about the dynamic duo. They’ve changed the city of Chicago and built a franchise we should be grateful for. There is no other answer.

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