Chicago Pride is Gonna Get Canceled, Isn’t It?

Earlier today, New York canceled their permits for parades, machines, and rallies in June meaning that NYC’s 51st Pride March and fest are canceled.

Chicago’s next isn’t it?

tenor (3)

I was so excited about my 3rd Pride. It is seriously my favorite day of the year and the only reason I like summer. June is a time to reflect on the people who have given their lives to make the world a little brighter for LGBT+ people and I love the celebrations. I’ll still celebrate the month but without the closing parade, it’s not the same.

Huuuuuuuuh this is gonna hurt like a buttcheek on a stick.

As much as it will suck, I’d rather we end this pandemic and if I have to wait until 2021, fine. People better not be like “I’m gonna go out anyway! It’s my right!!1!”

No, stay home. Stop being annoying and dumb. Listen to scientists and stay home. Virtual Pride might be a thing but IDK if I can vibe with that. I love the atmosphere of Pride and I don’t think you can do it virtually. I’ll support regardless.

For now, the march is still on but I doubt it will be for much longer. Anyway, I’m gonna look at memories from my first 2 Prides and cry to “Don’t Let It Break Your Heart” by Louis Tomlinson. Iykyk.

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