1 Year Ago Today the Stanley Cup Playoffs Threw A Curveball

One year ago today the Tampa Bay Lightning, 1st in the NHL Standings,  were swept from the Stanley Cup Playoffs by the 2nd Wild Card Columbus Blue Jackets and chaos reigned.

I went down to Tampa right before playoffs last season and I remember talking hockey with a guy that was running a souvenir shop. I told him about how the Lightning were probably going to win the Cup. I even bought a Lightning T-shirt and hat at the airport after we missed our flight (retail therapy).

(Also off-topic but Tampa Bay International airport has the best Wendy’s I’ve ever fuckin eaten. I don’t know if it was because I was sad or if it was just phenomenal. If you’re ever there, get it.)

Low and behold, they got demolished by the Blue Jackets and started the craziest Stanley Cup Playoffs we had seen in a long time.

Plus, let’s NEVER forget!


Complete insanity.

This loss set off the “Wild Card Chaos Squad” of the Blue Jackets, Stars, Hurricanes, and Avalanche who all beat their top seed opponents from a Wild Card spot.

A great memory to look back on, as long as you’re not a Lightning fan.

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Featured Image: CBS

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