Rumor Has It, NWHL Has A New Team Coming

BIG news, hockey fans.

We knew the NWHL would be expanding sometime soon but this is a positive sign of what can be next to come. 

Hailey Salvian expanded on Marisa’s tweet, adding:

Checklist! We got:

  • 2 (3?) Players
  • A coach
  • a City
  • a fanbase

Ladies and agents, we’re going to have ourselves a successful hockey team.

As I said, we’ve known that the NWHL was going to expand and Toronto was in the original plans. Now that the plan is in action, this in exciting. The return of some ex-CWHL players will be delightful. It’s been almost a year since that league folded and having them back to playing will be fantastic.

The story is still developing but we have nothing but time to wait for more details.

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Featured Image: James Thomas 

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