Father Crafting Update: We’re Almost at a Jungle Gym

He’s at it again! 

The other day, I talked about my dad and how he’s been a top tier craftsman during this quarantine. Well, he has another one. When my older brother asked if I had seen the “monkey bars by the back door” for some reason I was thinking some kind of snack bar called “monkey bars”.

Nope, they’re exactly what he said.

The other night my dad decided that what our backyard is missing is some monkey bars. Therefore, we now have monkey bars made from a ladder, two chunks of wood, and some twist ties that is propped between two trees.


Sadly the tree basketball hoop was removed to accommodate the bars but so far, the monkey bars are a hit. 

I feel like by the end of quarantine we’ll have a whole obstacle course in the back yard and I’ll start running it just to run off all of the crappy food I’ve been eating.

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Featured Image: Shortman Hams

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