Guy Fieri Drops an Animal Crossing Meme and People are Hyped for the King

The king has returned when we need him most. 

Boisterous Guy Fieri dropped a meme on his twitter of a character like him in the calm game of Animal Crossing. He has said nothing further about what he’s going to do on Animal Crossing or if he’s actually playing.

The photo itself is from Animal Crossing’s pocket game but the sign is from Animal Crossing’s latest game, New Horizons.

Regardless, the Flavortown loyal responded with invites and gifts.

Animal Crossing should do a Worldwide event with him but I doubt that will happen.

I had no idea how man people would name their town “Flavortown” but there are quite a few. Now we wait to see what the O.G. Flavortown will really join the game and play with fans. That would be gold.

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Featured Image: Guy Fieri

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