Don’t Ask Players if they Watched “Tiger King” if You’re Not Gonna Ask if They Think Carol Did It

The NHL’s new thing has been hosting Zoom meetings with multiple players from across different teams and asking what they have been up to during the quarantine.

There is one common topic is Tiger King. I watched it and it seems like most NHLers have but none NONE of these interviews that I’ve read or heard have asked if they think Carole killed her 2nd husband.

I don’t care about any other take they have but that one. We know the cast are all scummy, we know Joe is crazy.

I wanna know if they think she fed him to the tigers. That is my first question to anyone who watches the show and I wanna know what their thoughts are on it.

Give me a chance to interview some players on their thoughts. NHL, please.

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Featured Image: Times (2009)

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