Kane Says He’d Pick Panarin for a 2-on-1 and I’m Crying

gif via Tenor

This one hurt, I’m not gonna lie.

ICYMI: Patrick Kane is doing an interview with some reporters today and when asked who he’d pick for a 2-on-1, he picked Artemi Panarin.

I know he’s expensive as hell but I would give anything to have Panarin back in Chicago.

The duo of Kane and Panarin was a beautiful sight and having them back together in Chicago would flip the script on where the team is now. I was praying for Panarin to return on a budget this past off-season but that wasn’t in the cards for us (thanks Bowman).

On top of that to hear a player like Patrick Kane, who has 3 Stanley Cups, 973 NHL games, and 389 NHL goals in his 13 NHL seasons, say that playing with Artemi Panarin back in 2015-2017 was the “funnest hockey he’s ever played” made me sad. 

I feel like George Bailey in “It’s A Wonderful Life” when he’s chanting “I wanna live again!” but instead I’m saying “I wanna win again!” Someone, please find a way to reunite these two in Chicago, that’s all I ask.

“I wanna win again!” -Shortman Hams, 2020 (gif via Tenor)

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Featured Image: USA TODAY

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