I Love Hairless Cats But I am UNCOMFORTABLE

Listen, I love hairless cats, I want to get one names Lasagna. But holy shit does this video of a woman scratching her eyelets, hairless cat’s eye socket makes me so uncomfortable. The worst part is I came across this video at like 3A.M. and it has haunted my dreams.

This is Jasper. He is an adorable and beautiful cat who lost his eyes after attracting corneal users.

This video makes me so uncomfortable and I can’t live with it alone so now we all have seen this. I get that his scar tissue is itchy but it’s one of those things where your brain says “No! Painful! Not right! Ahh!!” and I am cringing.

Enjoy my pain here. He does have a cute little face tho :).

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Featured Image: Screenshot from video

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