The NWHL Should Come to Chicago: Heres Why

Sports may be on pause but with how the NWHL is growing, I think they should build a Chicago team.

The NWHL was going to expand prior to this season but nixed the idea in late May of 2019. If they’re still in the interest of expanding, Chicago is the place to be.

When you think of Chicago, what comes to mind? Sports, right? This city is perfect for a women’s team and let me, a Chicagoan, tell you, maybe not a Chicagoan, why.

We are a sports city. Sports is the heart and soul of Chicago, it runs in our veins.

We have fantastic fields and stadiums for every major sport. We have hockey, baseball, football, soccer, basketball, we go it all. You know what’s missing? A women’s hockey team.

Having a women’s team here will create a boom of young women playing hockey. They’ll be able to see players who are just like them. Even when the dream gap tour came to Chicago, the building was sold-out and rocking for every day the women played. The positive of having a team here is these players can be seen consistently, not just once in a blue moon. You can build a fanbase and “relationship” between players and fans. That creates a wave of kids who want to play pro-hockey someday. This is a fantastic way to grow the game.

Chicagoans will support their team. The Blackhawks have been selling out games for years and Chicago will gladly welcome another pro-hockey team into the mix. The nearest NWHL team is in St. Paul, Minnesota and that’s a 7 hour+ drive from here.

Put a team in the prime location of Chicago, Illinois and you’ll sell out.

There are a number of ice rinks around the central Chicago area to host games. There is Johnny’s Ice House (East & West), the McFetridge Sports Center, or even the Blackhawks practice arena – Fifth Third Arena.

As far as getting investors and things like that, I am an idiot at that kind of business, it’s a different language to me. But I know there have to be companies in Chicago that are willing to invest in bringing the women’s pro team here.

Chicago is one of, if not the best, place to expand to. Sports are in our blood and we’ll stand by having another team to cheer for.

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