Rest in Peace, Colby Cave

Sadly, this Saturday morning has begun with some heartbreaking news.

Colby Cave, the 25-year-old forward with the Edmonton Oilers, has passed away. Cave was hospitalized following a brain bleed on Thursday, April 7th. He went into emergency surgery to remove a colloid cyst that was causing pressure on his brain and remained in a medically induced coma.

This morning though, heartbreaking news came from his wife, Emily, that Colby had passed on.

My thoughts and prayers are with Colby’s family at this time. Losing someone you love, especially so young, is one of the worst heartbreaks in the world. I cannot express my condolences enough to them at this difficult time.

Cave played in 67 NHL games with 4 goals and 5 assists for 9 points.

Disclaimer: I released an episode of Shortman’s Hockey Corner earlier this morning where I talked about Colby Cave’s condition as of 10PM last night (April 10th). This news came out after the episode was posted. 

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