Minnesota Whitecaps Re-Sign Allie Thunstrom

Yesterday, the Minnesota Whitecaps re-signed All-Star forward Allie Thunstrom.

In her second season with Minnesota, she set a scoring record for the league with 24 goals and was elected co-MVP with Boston’s Jillian Dempsey.

Thunstrum has been a leader on her team throughout the Whitecaps’ second race to the Isobel Cup. She scored the goal that brought the Whitecaps to their second-consecutive Cup final. The Isobel Cup Final game between Minnesota and Boston, was supposed to be March 13th but has been postponed due to Coronavirus.

This is fantastic for the Whitecaps. Keeping Allie around for a few more seasons is going to help keep them as the elite team they have been and bring them more Isobel Cups.

I’m from Illinois so Midwest Solidarity, I root for the Whitecaps. RollCaps!

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