How’s Everyone’s Quarantine Diets? Mine is a Disaster

It feels like everyone’s sleep schedule is a wreck at about day 20 of quarantine, but how is everyone’s diet doing?

Mine, you ask?

It’s a disaster. 

90% of my food intake is sunflower seeds (which I’m currently out of :/ ), peanut butter toast, slices of American cheese, and black coffee. The other 10% is the actual nutritional food my mother makes for dinner.

I’m basically living like a Revolutionary continental soldier. Diet: Terrible. Sleep: Nope. My room: Chilly as Valley Forge. 

I’ve seen people making all kinds of food while they’re stuck in quarantine but I cannot cook. I had oatmeal one day and that was the height of my cooking. I can’t Pinterest up some of the food I’ve been seeing. It looks good but I’m 20 years old with the appetite of a college kid, Imma stick to my basics.


How has your Quarantine diet been looking? Are you also at Revolutionary Continental soldier or are you a Pinterest Gorden Ramsey?

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Featured Image: Screenshot from Pinterest


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