Bowman, Don’t Even Think of Trading Strome Right Now

Unless we’re going to get a forward that is going to make an impact like he did, don’t even think about it.

Elliotte Friedman said this^ yesterday on a radio show. I trust Friedman quite a bit when it comes to trades or free agency so if what he says is true, I’m going to lose it.

At the trade deadline, I talked about promising players that Stan gave up on too early (IMO) and I refuse to lose another one at this point.

I, Shortman, have hyped Dylan Strome up since day 1 as a Blackhawk and even though he had some rough times this season, I still see him as a success and helpful member of this team.

In his first season with the Hawks, he put up 51 points (17G 34A) in 58 games, this season he had 38 points (12G 26A) in 58 games. Even though he wasn’t putting up the same amount of points, he was bouncing around position-wise, filling in where need be. He’s found success on this team but before he can really thrive at it, he’s moved to a different line or position. It’s bullshit and why he has struggled this season.

The Blackhawks need to keep Strome as a 2nd or 3rd line center. What worries me is that we’ll see Stan give up such a talented player for other players and prospects that will never come to fruition.

Strome has proven that he has what it takes to be a big part of this team moving forward and I’m going to be incredibly annoyed if Bowman gives him up for nothing and we’re set back yet again.


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