We Have Found a Worthy Opponent for Air Bud

It’s been a while since we’ve seen another Air Bud but look at this dog, Kiara, absolutely kill it at volleyball.

via Wikipedia

The 5th Air Bud where the iconic golden retriever plays volleyball was released in 2003 but might I suggest a current day rendition. We have a match between Air Bud and Kiara but the one problem is we need one human per team, as neither dog can serve the ball. Kiara can set the ball but she can’t bump or spike it.

Air Bud, on the other hand, can set and spike. I mean Air Bud is a multi-sport athlete. He’s done basketball, baseball, soccer, football, and volleyball, as well as dipping his toe in some agility. 

Back to the one human per team, I feel like this is where we even the score. Air Bud is multi-sport talented while Kiara seems to specialize in volleyball.

For Air Bud’s human companion, he gets Danny Devito or Adam Sandler. Then for Kiara, she gets a companion of Chris Evans or Matthew McConaughey, skilled and multi-talented. It’s a fair set up. Now if Disney can get on making this reboot, that would be great.

Who do you think should be each dog’s human counterpart for a rematch? Tweet me.

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Featured Image: Screenshot from @mathiasberntsen96's IG video

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