The Goats are Taking Over This Town

I can’t decide if the goats are taking over or taking their town back? Either way-

Goats have taken back the town of Llandudno, Wales. Reporter Andrew Stuart shared this video late at night on March 26th.

The reported said the goats stopped to eat some bushes before he called the cops and got the goats arrested. Narc

But these goats will not be stopped. Mad respect.

Two days later, the goats were back. They got up on the bushes and said: “We ain’t leaving, STUART!” Thus the goats continued to overrun the town and are still hanging out.


There has been no further update but now, I like to think they have overrun the town completely and started a new communist government. Now, the goat overlords have cleared city debts and are working on a COVID-19 cure. Amazing how nature comes back.

Honestly, some goats could overrun my town right at this moment and I would not be pissed one bit. The goats could live in my backyard and I’d be fine with it, I’d have some cool goats to chill with.

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Featured Image: Andrew Stuart on Twitter

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