Ducks Are Stepping Up and Paying Their Workers for Postponed Games

The Anaheim Ducks have stepped up and paid their workers for the remainder of games in the season that are postponed or canceled.

That’s a standup job by the owners of the Anaheim Ducks, the Samueli family. These people working part-time could be living paycheck to paycheck in such an uncertain time. 

Here is a statement from President Tim Ryan:

“The Samueli family’s primary concern is the welfare of their employees. Today is another example of their kindness, generosity, and support for the local community. As a result of their decision, 2,100 dedicated part-time staff members will have one less immediate concern during this significant health crisis. We join them in wishing everybody good health during this unprecedented time.” (x)

It’s nice to finally get some good news in the middle of this pandemic. These people work hard and it’s got to be a weight off their shoulders to know they don’t have to worry about losing their paycheck.

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Featured Image: The OCR

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