What’s The Worst Part of a S’more?

Day 19 without sports and I have a very important question.

What is the worst part of a s’more? The Grahm cracker, the marshmallow, or the chocolate?

IMO, S’mores suck but I wanted to know what everyone else was thinking. I took a poll and asked my family and friends. My friends asked their families and I was able to poll 18 opinions.

Worst Part of a S'More

Marshmellow (the correct answer IMO) has 50% of the votes at 9 total. Then Graham crackers with 5 votes and chocolate got 4 votes.

My vote went to marshmallows. Marshmallows suck, I don’t see how they’re remotely good. It’s like eating a sponge that when hot sticks to your teeth. They’re disgusting. And why are they dusty? What’s their purpose?

Anyway, tweet me with your opinion. What’s the worst part of a s’more? Is it the dry graham cracker, the dusty marshmallows, or plain chocolate?

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