The Empire State Building Was Flashing Like an Ambulance Light and It’s Horrifying

Last night, this lady tweeted out this video of the Empire State Building’s top light rotating like horror movie lighthouse. The fog mixed with the red light makes this video fucking horrifying.

Now the light is supposed to look like an ambulance light. It is lit to pay respect to all of the medical professionals that are working in this COVID-19 pandemic, all the respect to those workers.

But this video is still terrifying.

Imagine just chillin’ and when you look up toward the sky, the most famous building in New York is going off like a lighthouse. Not even a normal lighthouse, like a blood-red light just flooding the sky. If it were me, I would have been like “oh shit, the aliens have found us. Get in the bunker.”

Actually, it’s more like the building is calling the aliens to us, as lighthouses do, and in that case, we’re completely screwed.

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Featured Image: This Tweet

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