3 NHL Players Whose Seasons I’m Sad to See Messed Up

With the NHL hiatus dragging on and new CDC guidelines to stay indoors until at least Aril 30th, my hope of a season return is slowly dwindling. Today (as I hardcore procrastinated) I thought about some players whose seasons I was so excited to see play out. And although everyone was looking forward to players like Cale Makar and Alex Ovechkin, there were a few different players I wanted to watch. (They’re not too off the beaten path but whatever).

Anyway, here are 3 players whose seasons I was excited to watch.

  1. Andre Burakovsky – Colorado Avalanche

Andre Burakovsky was a player I kept an eye on this season. He had his moments in the sun while in Washington but nothing ever stuck long. When he got traded to Colorado, I had so much high hope for him because he is a really talented, young winger but he just didn’t fit with Washington.

Colorado was a perfect fit from the jump. In 58 games this season, Andre put up 45 points (20G 25A), a career-high. Before this season, Burakovsky’s best campaign was 38 points (17G 21A) in 79 games back in 2015-2016.  I was excited to see an energetic player like Burakovsky come back from injury and take a deep playoff run with the Colorado Avalanche. Maybe even win his 2nd Stanley Cup.

2. William Nylander – Toronto Maple Leafs

Nylander gets shit talked in the Toronto Media way too damn much. Before the break, Nylander had 59 points (31G 28A) in 68 games and was on his way to set a number of records for himself. He already eclipsed his most-goals in a season and was just 3 points away from his most points a season. 

The kid was proving all of those media bastards wrong. I wanted to see him just keep climbing and achieving for the remainder of the season.

3. Nate MacKinnon – Colorado Avalance

Nathan MacKinnon was 7 fuckin points from 100! 7! He nearly hit the bar last season by finishing with 99 points (41G 58A) in 82 games and he was SO CLOSE.

MacKinnon had 35 goals and 58 assists (93 points) in 69 games (nice) when the season passed and I’m a little salty that we might have to wait a whole ‘nother seasons to see him get 100.

Nate talks in his Spittin’ Chiclets Interview about nearly hitting 100 and if you want to laugh your ass off, go listen here.

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Featured Image: NHL.com

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