Day 15 Without Sports: Meet My Nintendogs

Welcome to day 15 without sports, my sleep schedule is destroyed. Yesterday, I woke up at 8 am and had everything done early! But then, I couldn’t fall asleep until 6:30AM this morning and slept till 4PM so excuse how all over the place I am.

But meet the dogs who will be entertaining me for the remainder of this quarantine.

ALSO: this game doesn’t let you screenshot so all of these pictures are real shitty quality, sorry.

Nintendogs was one of my favorite games as a kid but since then, I lost my original copy. About a year ago, I came to own a second-hand 2DS and bought a used copy of the Nintendogs: Chihuahua and Friends. During the quarantine so far, everyone has been sharing their peats and doggos and I love every single one of them. Where I live we can’t have dogs so meet all of my (virtual) sweet pups.

First, the game came with a chihuahua named Tiny who belonged to the game’s previous owner. Tiny is a pretty good pup, she can walk really far and gets along with the others just fine. She wears her little red bowtie and knows how to play fetch.


After tiny, I adopted my first pup which is a german shepherd name, Jamie. Jamie is the best boy. He plays disc really well and brings the frisbee back without me telling him to. He is excelling in competitions currently and is the “Pack Leader” of my other dogs. Overall 10/10 boy.


See, good boy.

jamie comp

Next to come into the little family was Pacha, named after the Emporer’s New Groove character. She’s a Shetland Sheepdog and not the least bit athletic. I’ve tried playing fetch but she hates it, I’ve tried doing the agility course with her and she was not here for that shit at all. She’ll stop every 10 seconds to scratch her ear on a walk. She’s the social one of the family, not the All-Star.


And last but not least, my baby girl André. She’s a miniature dachshund and the last one to the family. She, like Jamie, is athletic but a stud at the agility course. She’s the princess of the family and loves to run on walks. Plus, look at her all cute with her bows.


With 4 pups that means that one has to stay in the dog hotel and it’s usually Tiny, she wasn’t my dog to begin with but I swap her out from time to time.

This has literally been keeping me occupied during the quarantine. I can’t have real pets so instead, I have these little babies. They all get along well, they collectively hate most of the toys that have but a tennis ball is all they need to be entertaining. Plus, they all share my hatred for Meimei and her satanic pinscher Angel (literally none of my dogs like that little shit).

I’m aiming to unlock the beagles because I want one so damn bad but I still need 16,000 trainer points and I currently have 2,765. :/ It’s gonna be a while.

But for now, I hope you’ve enjoyed my virtual pups. I’m going to hack the system and cheat some trainer points.

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Featured Image: Shortman Hams

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