5 Years Ago Today: Zayn Left 1D and Nothing Has Gotten Better Since

Fetus 1D for the feels.

It’s a moment where you’ll never forget where you were. I got a text from my mom who sent me the original post on Facebook. I was in the hallway of my high school, a freshman at the time, walking to study hall, reading this post, and everything just stopped.

How was it possible? What was next? Was the band going to break up? What about the next albums? How were we (yes, we) going to do this without Zayn?

I promptly walked into my study hall, made eye contact with one of my best friends, Hannah, a fellow Directioner. At the same time, we both began to cry, profusely. We literally hugged for a good 5 minutes, crying bout Zayn.

It’s insane that it’s been 5 fucking years since that day. It was such a heartbreaking day and I remember getting grounded from using the computer that night because I was so snippy about it.

I’ve deleted my old Tumblr and pictures since then but I wish I still had them to look back on.

Since that day, not much has gotten better. 1D went on hiatus and still have yet to return if they ever actually will.

Since Zayn left, the world has gone to shit, we can all agree there. Here we are, on the 5th anniversary, in quarantine because of a pandemic. 1D went on hiatus and still have yet to return if they ever actually will.

Enjoy me wallowing in my longing for my youth in this small cinematic masterpiece.

One Direction, if you see this, please come back, I miss my happiness.

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