Pros and Cons of the Suggested NHL Season Re-Start

So as we slog through this Sports Hiatus, the hopes of a season continuing continue to slim more and more every day.

However, it was recently proposed that this could be the timeline for re-starting the season. Take a look here:

nhl proposal
via TSN

I both like and hate this proposal.

First, the bad news. 

This is such a rushed approach to the season. Cutting the break down to a month could be terrible for players who need the recovery time. Not to mention that moving forward, without proper rest, we’ll just see more injury to players because they didn’t get time to recuperate. 

Not to mention that the mental challenge of going through the grind of the season and then having to do it all over again with little time to break, has got to be taxing. Cutting the break, rushing the season is a terrible idea.

Now onto the pros.

At least with this, we’d get a conclusion to the season. There are a number of teams that have had fantastic seasons and are in a serious run for the Cup, like Philly and Colorado. Allowing them to actually get a shot at the Cup is what’s fair.

I’d rather when/if we restart to jump straight to the playoffs at this point. The players need their break to heal and decompress, so let’s jump to the playoffs and finish with more time off.

Either way, this helps put a close on this wild season and it gives some normalcy back to our lives. It’s the two-sided coin of “I miss hockey and want it back ASAP” and “I don’t want this to players game time down the line because of injury”, ya know?

The league has made no clear indication of when we could be back but for now, I hope you’re all staying sane in quarantine. 

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Featured Image: TSN

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