Day 7 Without Sports – I can’t unsee Nate MacKinnon as Bubbles and it’s messing with my head

Day 7 I spent mostly in bed with a headache. This quarantine is driving me up a wall.

On today’s Netflix Binge, I switched things up with some Trailer Park Boys.

Ever since I’ve seen this photo, I haven’t been able to watch the show the same.

Every time I see Bubbles now, I just see a Nate MacKinnon/Bubbles mix and it kills me. Obviously, Gabe Landeskog would be Julien and Erik Johnson is Ricky. You already KNOW that Trever and Corey are Tyson Jost and JT Compher.

tenor (1)

I have yet to get to the TPB Episodes that MacKinnon is actually in (on Season 5 right now) but with all this free time, I’m sure I’ll get there soon. That’s about all I have for Day 7. This whole “staying inside with nowhere to go” has me feeling super cagey so I apologize for not being my best. Let’s hope tomorrow is a better day, eh?

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Featured Image: I've had this photo for like a year so I'm gonna guess Tumblr

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