Ottawa Senators Player Tests Positive for Coronavirus


Just when you think shit can’t get worse for Ottawa.

The first NHL player has tested positive for Coronavirus.

We don’t know who but what we do know is that one of the Ottawa Senators has tested positive fro COVID-19. The player has “mild symptoms” and is being kept in isolation. The big problem here is that the Senators were traveling up until the break.

The Sens did finish up in LA where the night before they played the Kings, the Brooklyn Nets played the LA Lakers. 4 players on the Nets have tested positive for Coronavirus and the Sens used the same locker room the night after. If this player contracted Coronavirus that night, that is a bit safer then if this player had it through San Jose, Anaheim, and LA where they could have infected 3 teams compared to 1.

Now, every member of the Senators team is in isolation and being monitored by the team’s medical staff, according to the press release. It is believed that multiple players are thought to have COVID-19.

It’s likely that we will see more players testing positive, not just on the Sens. Alexander Radulov of the Dallas Stars was tested but we have yet to hear back on the results. Radulov was battling illness for a while before the break.

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Featured Image: NHL

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