Day 6 Without Sports – Officially Rewatching the 2010 Blackhawks

Today is Day 6 of No Sports and this continues to suck. This morning – well, I woke up at 3PM so my morning – I started the day by watching a bunch of Jamie Benn highlights including my favorite goal by Benn from October 18th, 2011.

Seriously, when I’m sad, this is the goal I watch. Watch Benn just dance through the Blue Jacket players, insane. This is the Big Bad Jamie Benn that made me a Dallas Stars fan.

Now, we’ve got the 2010 Stanley Cup Playoffs going between the Blackhawks and Nashville Predators. It was game 2 of the 2nd Round where Chicago wins 0-2 against the Preds so anticlimatic but better than nothing.

I haven’t even started reading any books and my Xbox hit 3 bars on the ring of death. These are dark times. Today’s episode of SHortman’s Hockey Corner is also pushed back to tomorrow!

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Featured Image: Shortman Hams

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