Day 5 without Sports – Wii Sports and puzzles count as sports right?


As Day 5 without sports comes to a close, it’s officially puzzle time. The puzzle in that picture is 2,000 pieces with castles. In the hour we tried doing it, I think we’ve connected 10 pieces.


As for the NHL, the league announced that players can go back home to other countries.

With this move, it seems like the NHL season is moving further and further away. If players are able to travel all the way back to, say Sweden, and adjust their bodies back to their lives there, it will be hard to see the NHL allowing them to quickly turn around and start the season back up in no less then 3 months. The note also says that players should quarantine throughout March 27th. After that, the league can look at getting some players together to skate and maybe begint to pick up the peices of this season. Shoud we be looking at an actual start to the season, there will be a 45 to 60-day training camp before the season would start again.

The AHL said that this season won’t continue until at least May so chances of them resuming doesn’t seem all that possible.

Now throw in the CDC saying to have less than 50 people at a gathering for 8 weeks, and schools beginning to cancel classes for the rest of the semester, it sucks to say that this season is probably done. Starting back up is going to be very hard moving forward.

For the remainder ofthet time, I will be in a Wii Sports transe. Can’t go out that much anymore so me and my friends will be killing it in Wii Sports Baseball. I actually got sloder ruled twice today but whatever. Still baseball.

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