Day 3 with No Sports – I Miss Sidney Crosby

day 3

Sidney Crosby, if you see this, I hope you’re having a good day.

I never realized that I tell the time in Sports until now. I didn’t know today was Saturday until 6:30PM.

Also everywhere I go to write during the day is either closed or closing early. Guess I’m going to Denny’s to write from here on out.

On the hockey front, organizations and players are working on getting to their families. Canada is urging Canadiens to fly home to Canada while they still have flights. 

This would also have an effect when the season resumes that players who have to come back across the border will have to be quarantined once more. If the US and Canada close that border though, it’s unlikely we’ll see the season resume any time soon.

The QMJHL is helping send their European players back home.

For now, that’s all we got.

As for this dull *checks calendar* Saturday, here are some Sidney Crosby highlights.

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Featured Image: NHL

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