NHL, NWHL, MLB Postpone Operations – What the Hell We Gonna Do Now?

Read the title in the TikTok sound. Yes, that is me, sitting in the library contemplating where to go from here.

Last night, the NBA suspended the remainder of their season after at least 2 players have tested positive for Coronavirus.

And now, with a heavy heart, the NHL has done the same (and the AHL is probably going to do the same).

On top of that, the NWHL announced that they’re postponing the Isobel Cup Final game which is scheduled for tomorrow.

NOW MLB has suspended all operations indefinitely:


A live look at me:

spongebab cry

I understand the reasoning. With the pandemic spreading, it’s better to keep players, fans, staff, and their families safe. I’m 100% behind doing that. Plus this is terrible for the people who work at the arenas, they’re losing work for this. At least Mark Cuban said he was going to try and help those people, so once positive there. 

But this fuckin SUCKS.

I’ve let sports become a personality trait and I have no idea where to go from here. Everyone I know is coming from college because classes are postponed but they’re gonna get sick of my shit real quick over the course of a month where I don’t have anything else to do. It’s going to be interesting.

I will update this when we have more details on what is going to happen next. Until then I’m going to sit in this library and remember how to be a member of society again.

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