Theory: Travis Konecny and I Share One Brain Cell

The Flyers dropped this video today of Travis Konecny mic’d up and the level of chaotic energy here really resonates with me.

Pure chaotic energy, all the time. If you don’t know, “Chaotic Energy” is defined by Urban Dictionary as:

“(adj.) the energy that someone gives off when they do something out of line or without thought, but all in good laughs and no one is harmed. This energy, or vibe is usually radiated from someone who loves banter and has a fun and honest personality.”

According to my friends, I radiate chaotic energy.

From that and the video, I have concluded the theory that Travis Konecny and I share one brain cell because this guy is too damn relatable. Even when he’s mumbling and no one responds, I felt that.

I would also like to enter these 3 images/gifs into evidence:

Image 1:

Via Tumblr

A mix of chaotic anger. Even after the game was won, the anger is still strong in this one. Relateable. (Also we’re about the same height)

Image 2:

Via Twitter

I’ll admit this was mostly added because any time I see this, I hear a loud slamming noise and start laughing. I also can’t put it into words but I understand this photo on an emotional level.

Image 3:

Via Tumblr

The number of times a day I dab should be illegal. Over/Under 30? Take the over. Anytime something exciting or remotely good happens, I’m dabbing.

That is all the evidence I would like to present at the moment, Your Honor. As I have proven: Pretty sure we’re on the same wavelength here. Those with all of the chaotic energy are going to be the ones outlasting the Apocolypse so I’ll take it.

EDIT: I can’t believe I forgot this video but add this to the evidence. Constant chirping of everyone around you? That’s me right there (ask anyone who has held a conversation with me).

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Featured Image: Tumblr

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