Ohio and Philly Suggest Hockey Games Without Fans (Don’t Think Anyone is Gonna Listen tho)

Philadelphia and Ohio are recommending that people avoid mass gatherings, including NHL games, and I have a feeling that people aren’t going to listen.

The Columbus Blue Jackets have 2 games at home on March 12th and 14th, then they go to Boston for a game and play once more at home on the 19th.

The Flyers play Boston tonight in Philly so I know for a fact that regardless, this game is going to be mad packed with people. 

The Devils also asked people who have been around Coronavirus in any form to not attend the game.

This all comes after four major leagues have banned any nonessential staff from the locker rooms. The San Jose Sharks could be the first team to play in an empty arena. Santa Clara County is beginning a ban on mass gatherings starting Wednesday at midnight and going until the end of March. 

With the season’s end closing in, I doubt that they’ll postpone the games. As of right now, the Sharks haven’t made a move, neither has any other team in the league.

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Featured Image: Frank Seravalli on Twitter

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