Dominik Kubalik Has 30 Goals This Season

Alright, about 30 seconds after I posted this, the Blackhawks announced that the goal is actually been awarded to Drake Cagguila but the sentiment remains.

Blackhawks rookie Dominik Kubalik has 30* goals this season and no one is talking about it.

Kubalik has 45 points this season in 62 games, 30 goals* and 14 assists. Two of those points come in tonight’s game against Florida. He may be 24 but still qualifies as a rookie, he’s been playing in the Czech and Swiss leagues since being drafted in 2013. Everyone keeps bringing up Cale Makar and Quinn Hughes stats in Calder talks, and while they are amazing, Kubalik deserves to be in those conversations too.

Even in the rough season, Chicago has been battling through, he’s been amazing and helping the veterans carry the team. I hope he stays in Chicago for a long time, he can really do us some good but with where the cap space is and how much he’s worth, it’s going to be rough.

Either way, this kid deserves a lot of credit for how well he’s going! Keep it goin’ Kubalik, let’s make playoffs. You’ll get 30 goals soon!

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Featured Image: AP Photos

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