Jamie Benn Maybe Scored his 300th Career Goal?

Last night Jamie Been scored his 300th Career goal! Or maybe he didn’t, depending on who you ask.

Last night, the Stars played the Boston Bruins. In the first period, John Klingberg shot on goal and it went into the net. At first, the goal was credited to Klingberg with an assist from Joe Pavelski.

Not long after, the goal was changed and credited to Jamie Benn, saying it was deflected in by him. That put Jamie’s career goal total at 300!

Celebrations were in order for Benn even though he told the officials that he didn’t touch the puck. Celebrations did not last long though because late in the third period, the team announced that the goal was changed AGAIN to John Klingberg.


The chaos doesn’t end there though.

After the game, the NHL changed the goal once more, saying Benn is awarded the goal, thus giving him 300 goals again.

Whose to say. Will we ever know if Jamie really has 300 goals? Only the Hockey Gods know. (Can you tell i’m sleep deprived right now?)

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