Will Ovi Pass Gretzky’s Goals?

In short, yes.

With the trajectory that Alex Ovechkin is scoring at, he’s going to pass Wayne Gretsky‘s 894 NHL Goal record within the next 4 seasons.

Ovi has 193 goals remaining to catch Gretzky. In the past 4 seasons, he’s collected 183 goals in 324 games. That gets him within 10 goals of the record.

With how determined and electric Ovi has been this season, I think he can do it in that amount of time. So far, he has 43 goals in 62 games with a 0.69 (nice) Goals Per Game percentage. If he keeps going at that rate with the final 20 games, that’s 13 more goals for a season total of 56. The last time Ovi had 56 goals was back in 2008. I say he does it. In his last 20 games, he has scored 19 goals.

I’m not saying Ovi is a better player than Gretzky, no one will touch his points or skill. I do think that Ovi is going to pass Gretzky’s goal title. It could take Ovi 4 seasons and some change to beat the record but he’s definitely going to get there.

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Featured Image: Al Drago/AP

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