PWHPA Announces HUGE Partnership

The PWHPA just announced that ESPN and Monumental Sports Network will be streaming the final two Dream Gap Tour events.

The PWHPA is playing in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, from February 29th to March 1st, then they continue on to Tempe, Arizona from March 6th to 8th, to finish off the 2019-2020 Dream Gap Tour. This Dream Gap Tour has been an amazing run for women’s hockey. The games have helped women’s hockey reach a further audience and now you’re going to be able to watch it on ESPN!

Personally, I feel like the PWHPA has done good for the game in the past year they’ve been traveling. With going from city to city, more and more people were able to attend games and meet the players. That’s something you don’t get when it comes to teams like the NWHL. I support both leagues but I’m saying that I think the PWHPA has done more than people realize. Now, being streamed on ESPN with be helping them even more and I’m so excited to watch.

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Featured Image: Anne-Marie Pellerin

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