Minnesota Whitecaps Will Face Metropolitan Riveters in Isobel Cup Semifinal

The Minnesota Whitecaps will be facing the Metropolitan Riveters in the first game os the Isobel Cup Semifinals on Sunday, March 8th. This is the first game of 2 that day that will decide who is in the Isobel Cup Final.

The Minnesota Whitecaps have 2 more games remaining in their season (against the Connecticut Whale) but are currently sitting 2nd in the standings with a 15-5-2 record and currently on a 2 game win streak. The Whitecaps were huge this season, a lot to prove as the returning Isobel Cup Champs. Players like Allie Thunstrom, Amanda Boulier, and Amanda Leveille were instrumental for the team’s success this season.

As for the Riveters, their season has been a bit rockier. The Riveters also have 2 games remaining this weekend (against the Buffalo Beauts), but so far they have a 9-10-3 record going into the final stretch. In their last game, the team was defeated to the league’s leaders, the Boston Pride but they’ve shown how powerful they can play throughout this season. Lead by Captain Madison Packer, Kate Leary, and Kendall Cornine have been keeping the Riveters afloat.

The Whitecaps and Riveters have faced one another 6 times this season. Every game has been a high energy scoring fest but the teams are tied up 3-3. This game is high stakes and will be a thrill to watch.

Screenshot 2020-02-26 at 13.48.26
via nwhl.zone

Whoever wins this game will advance to the Isobel Cup Final. The Boston Pride will face either the Whales or Beauts in the other Semifinal game. That 2nd Semifinal game will be played on March 8th as well but at 1:30 PM CT.

Personally, I’m putting my money on the Whitecaps. They’ve been stellar in the tough spots and delivered Boston their lone loss of the season. Their goal differential is at a +49 while the Riveters is -22. Plus I’m a midwesterner, gotta cheer for the home… region. Either way, go Whitecaps!

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Featured Image: Lorie Shaull

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