I’m Going to Throw Hands with the CEO of Disney

Disney is being passively homophobic again and I’m ready to throw hands (not specifically with the CEO but with whoever did this).

In case you missed it, Disney+ is yeeting the show “Love, Victor” onto Hulu for not being “family appropriate”.

Quickly to sum up “Love, Victor“, the show will be a show about this kid names Victor (obviously) who transfers to Creekwood High School, the same school from the movie “Love, Simon“. The story follows Victor as he adjusts to the life changes and struggles with his own sexual orientation. Disney+ quietly decided to move the show to Hulu for being “too adult” because it includes alcohol use, marital issues (among the parents) and sexual exploration. 

You know why Disney pulled it, I know why Disney pulled it, Oscar Isaac knows why Disney pulled it

Disney has neglected true representation to the LGBT community for too fuckin long and I’m so tired of it.

They can try and spin it by saying that it is because there is underage drinking in it but that’s some bullshit when you still have “The Simpsons” and the episode of “Boy Meets World” where Cory and Shawn drink on there (Season 5 Episode 18). Not to mention, have these execs ever seen a “Pirates of the Carribean“? Jack Sparrow (and other characters) is chugging Rum 99% of the time.

As for marital issues? That’s rich coming from the company that seems to kill off one or both of the parental figures in almost every big movie they have. I mean we had to listen to Bambi’s mother die or the insinuated brutal murder of Tarzan‘s parents. Marital life isn’t always happy and smiles and if you shelter young people away from that then if something happens in their own family, be it divorce or abuse even, they don’t know how to deal with that because they have never been exposed to it. 

Speaking from personal experience, realizing that you’re gay (or anything in the LGBT+) is terrifying and so damn lonely. If you have no one around you to talk to or understands your struggles, it is such an isolating feeling. You get trapped in your own mind and the anxiety piles and piles. TV shows and characters create a small solace to live in when you’re in the closet. It’s someone who is just like you, who knows the complexity of questioning your sexuality or gender, and they may not be real but they give you some hope and help you get through the day. 

Earlier this year, I talked a bit about how important Ellen DeGeneres was for me growing in this blog. When it came to fictional characters, I looked up to Captain Jack Harkness, a fictional character in the Doctor Who universe who was always quick-witted and comfortable with who he was. They were people to look to when I needed help but couldn’t ask, they were a “friend” in those times when I felt utterly alone and left to sort out my thoughts, even though I didn’t know them. You can turn to those characters or people in a time of need and it helps you feel better, be it TV episodes or YouTube clips of speeches they gave. It helps you see life from outside your city, see a future you can get to.

They say the “sexual exploration” is one of the issues. Is there “Queer As Folk” levels of sexual exploration? I’d find it hard to believe considering “Love, Simon” was tame, especially compared to scenes in “The Simpsons”, any of the Star Wars movies, or Marvel movies. Is it just two main male characters kissing and you see that as “too sexual”? Disney has been putting hetero couples making out on our screens for God(s) knows how long, hell they even had two dogs kiss but because it’s two people of the same gender they said “nope”.


Having the corporate powerhouse that is Disney keeps pulling the plug on LGBT+ inclusion is getting to a point where it just leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. After what they did on “Andi Mack” and what they’re apparently doing with the Hilary Duff reboot, why am I still surprised that they’re repressing LGBT+ representation and passing it off as something else.

Even though Hulu taking the show is going to make the storytelling so much better, I still want Disney to understand the damage it’s doing with this.

Personally, I worry about closeted LGBT+ kids every day. I know how much something like this would have affected me, I know the stats and facts on LGBT+ adolescences’ mental health and I know how hard it was to go through it alone when I was younger. I never want another kid to feel like I did. I know it’s inevitable but I remember how comforting it was to find TV shows that had LGBT+ representation and I just hope that kids struggling now can find comfort and a safe space in those shows.

But when shows constantly queer bait and exclude LGBT+ characters, then the closeted or questioning kids seeing it could take it as “oh, I’m not supposed to be like this. I need to be normal.” And that thinking can fuck you up for a long time, I still deal with it from time to time.

Kids look up to Disney movies, they want to grow up and be princesses or princes or other royalty but it sucks when you realize that you can’t be. It sucks when you realize that life isn’t like the fairytales. But, you can still find comfort in those fairytales.

I’d love for Disney to have a show that is focused on the struggles of sexual orientation. One that focuses on the inner strength that you must find to truly become who you want to be in life, the battle for self-acceptance and to be proud of who you are. I’ve never been a fan of the stories focused on just love. You want to teach important lessons, Disney? Teach tolerance. Teach the idea that even though people live a different life than you, they still deserve respect. Teach self-love, not the dependence on love from others.

I’m bummed Disney fucked up again but I know that Hulu will do good with this, just like the other shows they cover.

Disney giving LGBT+ characters fair representation would do so much good in the world.

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