Perhaps the Saddest Story at the Trade Deadline: Joe Thornton

With yesterday being the NHL Trade Deadline, I expected to see veteran Joe Thornton move to a Cup contending team. Especially after we saw Patty Marleau move to Pittsburgh as they prepare for another Cup run.

But nothing came to be in the end. So today Thornton met with media and gave some quotes that have me in tears.

The big one being: (it’s long but please read it)

“I really don’t know. Obviously, the [interested] teams went in a different direction. That’s obviously what happened because I’m still here, and still a Shark, which I’m happy to be. But I wanted another shot at the Cup. Obviously, I’m getting a little bit older. It’s not my last hurrah, I still think I’ve got more years left. But as you get older you realize you only have so many shots at this thing. It would have been nice to at least have a chance. I wanted a shot, you know? Believe it or not. I’ve been hunting this thing down for 22 years, so I wanted another shot at it. I wanted to get something [for the Sharks] in return. It just didn’t work out. Back to the grind, and that’s how it is.” (x)


Sure, Thornton can be moved this summer (UFA July 1st) or even next season but his quotes broke my heart a bit. After 22-years of grinding in the NHL, racking up 1,628 games, and collecting 1505 points (417G 1,088 A) Thornton deserves a Cup. It sucks that a contending team couldn’t pick him up and take him on their run. I know that Thornton isn’t done yet (this guy is gonna play until they have to drag him from the ice), but like he said, there is only so much time. Not to mention, at the deadline, Thornton lost his buddies Patrick Marleau, Barclay Goodrow, Brenden Dillon to trades. Erik Karlsson, Logan Couture, and Tomas Hertl are all out with injury. It’s gotta be mentally taxing to go through so I feel for him.

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Featured Image: Bill Greenblatt/UPI

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