David Ayres, a 42-year-old Zamboni driver from Toronto, just stepped onto the ice as an Emergency Backup Goaltender for the Carolina Hurricanes.

The Hurricanes lost James Reimer after just 6:10 on the ice. SO the team put in Petr Mrazek.

Mrazek was run over by Kyle Clifford. Clifford didn’t mean to take him out like that, it wasn’t targeted. He was going after the puck all the way at the board so he wasn’t expecting Mrazek to be all the way out there. (Crazy that there was a penalty)

So Mrazek was taken back to the room and we have AN EMERGENCY BACK-UP GOALIIIIIE!!! He’s sadly given up 2 goals already with one more period remaining. We’ll wait to see if one of the Cane’s goalies makes a comeback for the third.

The Hurricanes also lost Brett Pesce to injury (I’m unsure of what) so it looks like the trade market will be hot tonight.

WE ALSO GOT A FIGHT between Joel Edmundson and Kyle Clifford! 

UPDATE: The Hurricanes won 6-3! Aryes has a 1-0-0 record.

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