I Thought The David Backes Trade Was a Dream

So I decided to sleep in late today. You know how sometimes you are dreaming and you’re doing what you’re supposed to be awake and doing and you think it’s real? Well, that happened to me.

I thought I was awake and writing a blog (what I’m normally doing at 10AM) but then I woke up and was like oh okay, so that wasn’t real. Before I went back to bed, I guess I checked my tweet notification, saw that Backes was traded, and retweeted the news to Ham Sports.

Here’s the problem, I thought that was apart of the dream sequence.

Until 8PM I figured that was apart of the dream.

Turns out I was wrong.

So David Backes is moving across the country to Anaheim. Backes has had a rough season but comes through with 16 games played and just 3 points (1G 2A).

Boston is getting Ondrej Kase, a 24-year-old right-winger with 23 points (7G 16A) in the last 49 games. Dropping at least part of Backes’ contract is good for the Bruins when it comes to resigning players like Torey Krug (UFA), Zdeno Chara (UFA), or Jake DeBrusk (RFA) who go up on free agency this summer.

I see this as a good trade for both sides, Backes gets to go out west where the hockey climate is more chill than in Boston. Here he’s not under massive pressure like he was in Boston plus he gets to resume playing, unlike the weird limbo he’s been in with Boston. On the other side, Boston gets some of the puzzle pieces that they need at a better price than Backes. 

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