John Klingberg is An Amazing Ally

Last June, I proclaimed Braden Holtby the one true ally of the LGBT community BUT there is another!

John Klingberg

John Klingberg, from the Dallas Stars, has been one of the biggest allies for the LGBT+ community. Last night was Hockey Is For Everyone Night in Dallas and this man was out in full support. Not only did Klingberg rock the Pride Tape, he put the pride tape up his stick shaft. Not just the Pride flag, but the Bi Pride flag as well (my small Bi heart is crying).

Klinger kept the tape on during the game as well which most players don’t and that meant so much to more than just me.

John also sat down with Billy, an executive Board member from You Can Play. You can see how much Klinger wants to help and that means the world to LGBTQ+ kids like me.

Even just the use of Pride Tape as a quiet nod of solidarity makes my day but the fact that he went out of his way to put the Gay Pride flag and Bi Pride flag on there, as well as keeping it on during the game, literally brought me to tears. I’ve talked about my own battle with self-acceptance on here before and small little things like this honestly help me so much when I’m in a dark place.

I was going to bid on the stick but I sadly have $60 to my name and the starting bid was $100 so I’ll be glum about that for a while. Whoever does get it, you are the luckiest SOB, cherish it.

Thank you, Klingberg, for all you do for the LGBT+ community. Your support really means the world to us!

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Featured Image:  My friend Dylan Nadwodny

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